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2nd June – International Sex Workers’ Day

Once again, in the International Sex Workers’ Day, we demand the end of discrimination, the recognition of our labor rights, and that no more women die or disappear in the hands of the patriarchal violence.

On 2nd June, 1975, more than 100 sex workers occupied the Saint-Nizier church in Lyon, France, to make their vulnerable situation public and demand for their rights and the end of the police persecution they suffered. Their movement spread throughout Europe, and since then, the date has been taken to keep on fighting for the recognition of sex work.

Sandra Figueroa, Susana Romero, Andrea Machado, Adriana Suarez, Débora Sily are only some of our comrades sex workers who have been murdered in recent years. Their brutal murders were planified in some cases. Their murderers were men who were partners, clients, members of the police.

Are sex workers more vulnerable to this violence? We believe that the stigma we face from part of this hypocritical society for offering sex services as our job makes our deaths less important. Besides, we live in a misogynist society in which a wife, a girlfriend, a female student is murdered every 31 hours just for being a woman, for defending her autonomy, for saying NO.

The violence we suffer does not only consist of murder and beating. The State inflicts violence on us when the judicial system dismisses our allegations of ill-treatment, when the police of Córdoba put us in jail for «scandal» or Article 45 of the Contraventional Code, when our basic labor rights, which would improve our lives, are ignored. That others speak in our name is also violence.

We invite everyone this Tuesday, 2nd June from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to Plazoleta del Fundador, where there will be an event in which guests and sex workers will talk about all our work in the past 15 years of organization and fight.

We also endorse and join the massive and important demonstration that will start in Colón Avenue and Cañada at 5 p.m. We must be thousands demanding justice for our comrades and for all the women murdered or disappeared, as Yamila Cuello.

Not even one more death – Not One Less #NiUnaMenos

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