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AMMAR Córdoba (Argentina) are finally recognized as “Legal Person”

After almost two years of political struggle, having to justify up to the last detail, our compromise with a more just and equal society; the inspection of legal people has been acknowledged by Resolution 121 “A”/14 the Civil Association: AMMAR Córdoba.

In the past month of April, AMMAR Córdoba with the Clínica Jurídica de Interés Público Córdoba (CLIP ) presented a quick sentence to the minister of justice and human rights of the province, after the ruling by chamber 4 that had annulled the resolution of the judge in the first instance, the Dra. Bertossi De Lorenzati for the provincial appeal that was filed by the organization at the end of last year.

This news brings us great joy as this is a step towards the recognition of our sector, autonomous and organized sex workers. It has been 15 years that AMMAR Córdoba has been building people power. We are the advocates for the transformation of our present as well as our future, it is necessary that we are recognized as legal persons in order to face new challenges in the fight for our rights.


Eugenia Aravena , Secretary General of AMMAR Cba (351) 152 158 223

Blanca Mendoza , Secretary of Health AMMAR Cba (351) 156 524 335

Maximiliano Campana, Advocate CLIP (351) 155 933 526

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